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Six Years

As I mentioned in a previous article this was the sixth year of Classic Game Fest... for which I have been to every one. For some of the first few years I was doing primarily video for 8BitX along with some photos. As the event grew I decided to drop doing video for a number of reasons and put all my attention into photography. Which I think was a choice for the better.

This year was interesting in a number of ways. For one we were vending with DJ Rockman (sorry Vince, I'm not doing all the capital letters and periods here). But also CGF decided to scale back a bit and only have one stage this year. Which in one way I was thankful for. The 2017 event had damned near 12 hours of music on Saturday alone. My eyes were hating me for shooting that much stuff in one sitting.

With that scale back the set up was less than ideal for concert shooting. Which given all the shots I've taken at CGF over the years what you see here is a very distinct departure from what I've presented before.

Since it was the first time that Allybelle, Mermaid Child, and Tacocat had been to CGF I wanted to make sure we took some photos to commemorate that. Plus it was super amusing to watch Mermaid Child and Tacocat play Pump It Up.

One really cool bit about this weekend was we got to hang out with Dry Light Photo. I've actually known this guy for like 18+ years since he used to run an anime forum and IRC channel I used to spend a lot of time on. A few years ago he moved to the Austin area and started doing more with photography. And he's done some really cool and interesting things with portraiture so I highly recommend checking his stuff out. Especially with how he tackled some shots of the team.

It was interesting to see the pretty drastic shift in how I came into CGF and how things went this time around. As pointed out in the previous article there were many things learned. And that we'll take with us going forward.

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